Brit & Oz

Brit & Oz

The name Brit is a reference to mega pop-star Britney Spears and the name Oz is a reference to legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

Two of the Bohemians who are intent on discovering the secrets of live music and who believe that someone will come who will show the Bohemians the way. When they find Scaramouche and Galileo they are unsure at first but are eventually persuaded that Galileo really does have strange musical lyrics in his head over which he has no control. When the Secret Police attack the Bohemian hide out, Brit is killed and Oz is captured along with the other Bohemians.

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What would they say?

Long live Rock n Roll!

Babe…check out my guns..

Welcome to the Hard Rock Cafe!

This great piece of wire to twang. I think we just about got ourselves a band!

Maybe it’s us that’s dreaming. Maybe the music really did die.

We’re the resistance. The last hope.