The name Buddy is a reference to 50’s rock’n’roller Buddy Holly

Buddy is an old librarian and a hippy who has studied the sacred musical texts to the extent that even the Seven Seas of Rhye cannot entirely erase them from his mind. He’s a comic character who acts as a foil to Galileo and Scaramouche towards the end of the play.

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What would Buddy say?

Stardate May 14th 2304. Although I have yet to discover the exact date on which music died, it is clear to me that an ancient entertainment phenomenon known as ‘Pop Idol’ played a central role.

There is always hope! Hope is our birthright.

Any way the wind blows.

They couldn’t quite zap it all… zap it all… zap it all…

I’ll be a groupie. Anyone wanna see my tits?

I’m a groupie and a roadie! That means I’ll have to have sex with myself. So, no change there then!

This is an ancient and holy scroll known as a Vie-day-oh Tah-pay (Video Tape)