This character is based on Adnan Khashoggi – a Saudi Arabian businessman who was a key middle-man in the Iran-contra affair of the 1990s.

He works for Killer Queen, getting rid of any original or creative musical thoughts and going after the Bohemians. His victims are sent to the Seven Seas of Rhye.

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What would Khashoggi say?

What does ‘a-wop-bop-a-loo-bop, a-lop-bam-boo’ mean?

Oh my. Oh my, oh my. What is this? Do I see a little silhouette of a spy?

Oh, god, I hate hippies!

We’ve pulverized every rock on iPlanet, and no Instruments of Mass Destruction have been found.

All they need is a leader; that’s all it takes. One young, sole rebel, one crazy kid with a dream, a guitar, and a bad-arsed babe to fight for.

Finally I’m checking into the Heartbreak Hotel. So, Mr McCartney, I say hello, and you say goodbye.